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Advanced Driver Training
This area is for those students that need:

30 Hours of Online Classroom
6 Hours of In-Car Lessons
6 Hours of In-Car Observation

Cost for this program is $275.00

Any person under 18 years of age must complete an approved WI DOT/DMV driver's education program if they wish to receive a WI driver's license.

Step #01 - Determine if the online program is for you.  

Advanced Driver Training offers online driver's education classroom program which is provided by the Wisconsin Professional Driving School Association (WPDSA).

The online driver's education program is 30 hours long divided into 60 units.  Each unit is 30 minutes in length.  The units are powerpoint videos which requires the student to read.  

The online program is self-paced and must be completed over a minimum of 21 days.  The student is permitted by WI State law to complete up to 4 units per day and must spend at least 30 minutes on each unit.  

Unit 30 is a Mid-Course Exam to determine if the student has learned and retained the information from units 2 - 29.  Unit 60 is a Course Final Exam to determine if the student has learned and retained the information form units 2 - 59.  The student has 3 attempts to pass the Mid-Course and Final exams.

The WPDSA Online Driver's Education Program works on most devices.  There have been issues with school issued Chrome Books and some iPads.

The student's in-car training lessons are provided in the Green Bay metro area.  If you are not located in the Green Bay metro area, you may want to find a driving school that is in your area and offers the WPDSA Online Driver's Education Program.

Step #02 -  Fill out and submit the Online Classroom registration form below.  Once you submit the Online Classroom registration, you will be emailed a copy of your registration information.  Please be sure to provide the correct information in the correct fields.

Step #03 - Print and fill out the Agreement For Services form.  Agreement For Services form must either be mailed to or dropped off at Advanced Driver Training, 421 S Military Avenue #102, Green Bay WI 54303.  The Agreement For Services form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by at least $75.00.  Remaining balance of $200.00 is due during in-car lessons.

To download and print the Agreement For Services Form, please click on the link below:

Step #04 - Once Advanced Driver Training has received your Agreement For Services and at least $75.00, Advanced Driver Training will then send you an email on how to access the WPDSA Online Driver's Education Program.

To access the WPDSA Online Driver's Education Program, you will need Advanced Driver Training's WI DOT License Number and your Agreement For Services number which Advanced Driver Training will provide you.

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